10 Pros and Cons of Moving for a Job

In today’s employment market, finding your dream job is becoming increasingly difficult. As such, the issue of relocating to take up a new job often comes up.

Thanks to the modern conveniences of e-mails, trains and planes, the idea of taking up a job in a new city is often appealing. However, while the pay may be great, and the perks irresistible, relocation isn’t for everyone.

The following are 10 pros and cons of moving for a job:

Pro: Improve Your Living Situation

Some people are moving for a job because of a promotion, and it may give you an opportunity to improve your living situation. A promotion equals better pay or benefits, allowing you to move to a nicer community and to join a new social circle of co-workers, friends and neighbours.

You may also get to relocate to an area with a better climate.

Pro: You May Qualify for Tax Benefits

In some cases, moving for work may qualify you for certain tax breaks. If you do, you can write off the expenses incurred during the move as a federal tax deduction. These include reasonable expenses such as renting a truck, purchasing moving boxes and mileage on your vehicle.

To qualify, your new job should be at least 50 miles from your old job, and you’ll need to work for at least 39 weeks during the initial 12 months after the move.

Pro: New Experiences

Moving for a job often means relocating to a totally new area you’ve never been to before. This is good since you get the opportunity to experience new things. You get to experience a different culture, which exposes you to things you would otherwise not have access to.

As you explore your new environment, you will discover new places and make new connections.

Pro: Change Is Good

In life, change is inevitable. People undergo changes that make them better and more refined. Relocating to a new city comes with significant changes, which can massively impact an individual’s personality. This can benefit them immensely.

If you’re moving by yourself, you’ll probably become more independent and adventurous. Since change is an inevitable fact of life, it’s always good to view it from a positive perspective and use it as a chance to develop yourself.

Pro: It Can Offer Job Security

In certain situations, moving for work is the best way to guarantee job security. Making this move leaves an employer with the impression that you’re loyal to the company.

Moving is a major life decision that comes with a lot of sacrifices. In the event there’ll be restructuring and staff layoffs later on, this simple factor could get you off the hook.

Con: Stressful Relocation

Relocation is not easy. Between planning, finding a new place to stay and packing, the entire process is more stressful than most people imagine.

Depending on the industry, a majority of job openings require an immediate hire. This means the company needs a person who will take up the job as soon as possible. In this case, you only have a very short time to complete the move, making it even more stressful.

The stress of moving to a new place may overwhelm most people. To make this process easier, consider hiring professional movers in advance and get help to make this move feel simpler.

Con: It’s Expensive

Moving is expensive. From finding a mover to help you relocate to a new city, to packing all your belongings, there are many costs incurred.

Movers aren’t the only ones you’ll have to pay. While some companies pay for both the travel and accommodation of employees, this isn’t the case for every employer.

If you’re starting at a lower rank, you’ll probably have to personally cover the expenses of your move. Travel, rent and other expenses can add up, straining your finances and making a move extremely costly.

Con: Culture Shock

Learning a new culture and getting used to a new city can be overwhelming. It may even get lonely, especially if you’re moving alone or internationally.

To minimize the impact of culture shock, visit the area a few times before the move if possible. This way, you can get a feel for the place and decide whether it’s an environment you will enjoy or one you can easily adjust to. For the introverted, social integration can be difficult, but taking up a hobby, attending meet-up groups or volunteering at a local charity can make life easier.

Con: Finding the Right Child Care and Schooling Is Tough

If you have children, you’ll need to find trustworthy childcare and housing that’s within the school district you want your children to attend.

Finding appropriate child care can be worrisome if you’re used to leaving your kids with trusted family members. Utilize trusted internet forums or ask around for references to get the best of both services in your new neighbourhood.

Con: Your Partner May Struggle

If you decide to move for a job, a trailing spouse may also have to find a new job in the new city. This can take several months, especially if the move is sudden, and will result in financial strain. It might also strain your relationship. To make it easy for your partner, let them begin the search for a job three to four months before the move.

Before you consider relocating for a new job, understand the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.