5 Best Practices to Start Recycling in the Office

Recycling is an important process because it reduces harm done to the environment by decreasing the amount of resources needed to produce materials as well as energy needed to manufacture them. It is an easy practice to participate in, but people will not have the opportunity to if there are no places to dispose of eligible materials at your company.

Below are 5 reasons to have recycling stations in your office.

1. Increase recycling

When you have no recycling stations available at your workplace, employees will be less inclined to recycle. Instead everything will go into trash bins.

Having recycling bins will provide the opportunity for people to recycle more. The availability of the bins has proven to increase the amount of materials recycled and the tendency of them being blue or marked with recycling signage makes them easily identifiable. Recycling stations will lead to less materials being manufactured and in turn less energy will be used that releases carbon into the air and harms the environment.

2. Education

Most people make the decision not to recycle because they are unaware of what materials are eligible for reuse. Instead, they choose to err on the side of caution and throw everything into the garbage.

Recycling stations in the workplace are beneficial because they are educational. These stations are usually accompanied by signage informing people of what materials can be recycled and what goes where. When people know what they can recycle, they will often make the decision to do so instead of throwing it in the garbage. Not only will they be about to make the right choice at that moment, they will more than likely continue to recycle from then on.

3. Easy sorting

Recyclable materials need to be sorted for easier processing once they reach facilities. For example, fibres such as newspaper and cardboard can be placed together and plastic and glass containers can be mixed.

Recycling stations are a great way to sort materials at your office. They often feature 2 or more streams with signs accompanying each one. That way, your employees will know where each material should be placed. Sorting is important because it ensures each material will be taken to the right facility for processing. Materials that go to the wrong place have a better chance of being thrown into the garbage.

Recycling stations provide the opportunity for employees to place their materials in the correct stream, reducing the chances of recyclables being sent to landfill sites.

4. Reduce expenses

At any large business, garbage piles up and is often collected in dumpsters until a disposal company picks it up. For every instance you need garbage picked up you will be charged fuel and landfill fees.

Recycling every material that you can will help you reduce fees. By keeping such materials out of the garbage, it will not collect as fast. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of times you need the disposal companies to pick up and transport your garbage and in turn reduce fees paid to them. As a result, you can put this saved money towards other company needs that will allow you to increase profits.

5. Eco-friendly reputation

Recycling processes are common more so now than ever before with many individuals doing their parts to help the environment. Because it is widely encouraged, it would behoove you to adopt recycling stations at your company in an effort to increase materials collected.

Placing recycling stations strategically around your workplace will provide ample opportunity for employees to recycle their materials. In doing so, you can honestly boast that you are committed to reducing harm done to the environment. This will demonstrate to customers that you are responsible and committed, making the chances of them doing business with you more likely.