5 Business Opportunities from Project Management Certification

“Project Management” may just sound like another buzz word that you hear around the office, but the term actually holds more weight than you think it does.

Project management is a system where a team of office workers can plan, initiate, organize, and plan work projects. It is essential to keeping everyone on task and making sure that the project is finished well before the deadline. It may sound like something you practise every day, but everyone can use a refresher.

To make it official, you only need to attend a continuing education program that offers a project management certificate. This is important because it shows everyone, clients and colleagues alike, that you are properly trained and can effectively lead a team through any project. Here are a few other ways your company can excel with a project management certificate:

1. A Project Management Certificate will Make Your Business More Attractive to Clients

A project management certificate is another feather in your company’s cap, showing to clients that your company is competent and educated enough to handle whatever task comes their way. A certificate can show other clients that continuing education is important to your company and could be a deciding factor in whether or not they hire your firm.

2. A Certificate Can Demand a Higher Billing Rate from Clients

Having a project management certificate shows that you mean business, and that can help you business develop a reputation for professionalism. This reputation can help you leverage a higher billing rate from quality clients in your field.

3. Project Management Skills will give your Team Credibility

As a business owner, you have no doubt hired the best team you could find. You are probably very proud of the team you have fostered and trained over the years, and you’re likely priming them to do better work by giving them added value like a project management certificate would bring. The more skills your team has, the more credibility it has. A credible team means an absolutely incredible business.

4. It Allows Team Members to Excel in their Careers

Not only does advancement in project management help the company and the team, but it can also help advance individual team members and help them rise above their station. After this team member has contributed years of hard work into your company and has learned everything they could possibly know, they will then be well-poised to gain employment in the next stage of their career with a beaming recommendation from the person who pushed them to learn project management in the first place.

5. Its Valuable in Virtually Every Industry

Integrating project management training into your company and earning your group a project management certificate is invaluable because this skill is translatable to virtually any industry. Whether you work in tech, finance, human resources, or any other kind of industry that relies on a team, project management skills will be essential.