5 Features You Will Enjoy in Corporate Housing

You need to take an extended road trip and logically you look at your options for a comfortable and affordable hotel. However, there are other options and one that is very popular is corporate housing. Intended for business travellers and consisting of small apartment units with many amenities you would find at home, below are the many benefits of renting a corporate housing unit.

1. Amenities

When you are away, you want as many luxuries as possible to make it feel like home. This is a perfect reason why corporate housing should be considered. It provides you with all of the amenities you need while on the road.

Most corporate housing units have full kitchens including appliance, cookware, and silverware, allowing you to eat most of your meals in instead of spending money at restaurants on meals that may not be as healthy for you. Units are also equipped with separate bedrooms, comfortable furniture, and televisions, providing a perfect home away from home which is especially important for longer business trips.

2. Cost effective

If you are responsible for all of your expenses on your road trip, you are obviously interested in saving as much money as possible. If your company is footing the bill, you may have an expense account with a limit for your costs. Either way, you need to be mindful of your expenditures when on your trip.

Many corporate housing lease agreements are flexible. This allows you to pay month to month and most companies provide discounts the longer you stay. This is in direct contrast with hotels who charge you more the longer your stay is.

3. Comfort

While on the road you are probably out of sorts and being on the job all day you want a place to return to where you can spread out and relax. Otherwise the trip will not be enjoyable and feel a lot longer than it is.

Corporate housing is preferred by many business travellers because of the comfort they provide. As mentioned, full kitchens allow you to make your favourite meals which is especially helpful at the end of a long work day. Units include only the comfiest of furniture and beds, ensuring you can relax and be comfortable no matter what part you are in. If you are sharing a unit with a co-worker or two, each person can have their own bedroom, allowing for a great degree of privacy and everyone has a bed to sleep in.

4. Laundry

When on the road, you are already inconvenienced by essentially living out of your suitcase. It would be even worse to be forced to wear articles of clothing on consecutive days before being able to get to a laundromat to wash your dirty laundry.

Many corporate housing complexes have laundry facilities right on site. This means that after a long day you can take your laundry down to the washers and dryers available and relax in your unit while they are being washed. Some units even have washers and dryers right inside. Consequently, you can put a load in and eat your dinner or watch a movie all in the comfort of your apartment. Whether the laundry facilities are in the complex or right in your unit, you are guaranteed fresh, clean clothes to wear to work.

5. All-inclusive

Necessities such as heat, hydro, cable, water, and internet are nice to have while you are on the road. However, they add up and can result in you being out-of-pocket in addition to what you pay for accommodations.

Corporate housing is beneficial because it is all-inclusive. This means that you are provided with the convenience of knowing that the amount on your estimate at check-in save for any extras will be exactly what you pay. All utilities are a flat rate and included in your monthly bill, meaning you are able to avoid additional costs and surprises when you receive your final bill.