5 Fire Safety Tips for the Workplace

Every year, in Canada, thousands of fires break out, many that begin with something as innocuous as faulty wiring or a misplaced cigarette bud. But they are real, and they can happen at anytime to anyone.

Many households and commercial establishments fail to have a proper system in place to ensure the safety and survival of staff. Remember, our team’s lives are paramount to everything else, including the thousands of dollars you spent on that new technology.

If you feel that your workplace has an insufficient fire safety policy, then we’re here to help! Here are five fire safety tips for your workplace:

1. Ensure There is Proper Maintenance

The modern-day workplace is filled with the latest technology, machinery, and computer equipment. When you factor in the networks, modems, and other connectivity elements, you start to feel the heat.

This is why more businesses are installing air coolers and purchasing heat resistant materials just to keep the office free from the extreme heat.

But it is important to keep in mind that the machinery needs proper maintenance. By doing this, you are preventing the possibility of overheating and friction sparks, which can lead to a potential fire. Just remember to keep a log of your maintenance.

2. See Electrical Hazards? Report Them

If you’re walking by a possible electrical hazard, then there is one thing you should do: Contact the proper person to repair the problem. Whether it is malfunctioning electronics or wiring that is coming apart, you need to notify the right person.

One more thing: You might think you’re Macgyver, but if you are qualified, trained, or authorized to do so, do not try to fix it yourself. You might make matters worse, or you might injure yourself.

3. Institute a Designated Smoke Area

The number of people smoking cigarettes is coming down, but every office will have at least a handful of smokers. With this in mind, you should install a designated smoking area with plenty of signage reminders employees how to correctly throw away their cancer sticks, er, cigarettes.

It takes just one bud to produce a disaster.

4. Be Sure the Workplace is Clean

Do you know what is a fire hazard? Too much clutter, which is ubiquitous in any modern office.

Because we are chained to our desks, our office areas can be cluttered with soda pop cans, paper, bags of potato chips, files, and the list goes on. When you factor in overheating equipment, every inch of your workplace is just a powder keg waiting to explode.

Whether you are hiring a cleaning crew, or you are maintaining the office yourself, it is important to keep the workplace clean at all times, something that can be done by encouraging your staff to dump their trash, stop putting breadcrumbs on the floor, and keeping their desks clear.

You wouldn’t let your home turn into a pigsty, so why is the office any different?

5. Does Your Office Have Fire Drills?

Remember those fire drills you performed on a regular basis at school? Well, your company needs that.

A fire drill is imperative to have in your office because then everyone will be accounted for, safe, and responsible. It gives everyone a plan of where to go and what to do in the event of a serious fire.

Indeed, a fire drill is the epitome of fire safety. It’s something that everyone should have, whether at home or at work. It may seem redundant and tedious as time goes by, but should a fire break out, then you will be grateful that you participated in them.

You may work at an office with a handful of people, or you may be at an office that has 100s of employees. Both settings need the proper fire safety protocols in place to ensure the safety and security of every individual in your office or building. It begins by cleaning up after yourself and ends by having everyone safely accounted for outside of the premise.