5 Most Effective Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents

The real estate market is saturated with agents looking for their share of the profits. Therefore, you need a marketing strategy that places you above the rest and makes you an obvious choice. Below are the 5 most effective marketing tactics you can use as a real estate agent.

1. Social media

A large majority of the world’s population uses at least one social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. As a real estate agent, you should be adopting them and making them a large part of your marketing strategy.

Because people use social media daily, you will be increasing your visibility dramatically. Posts can be made about your contact information, benefits of hiring you as a real estate agent for buying and selling properties, and any listings that you currently have for sale. Even if someone is not interested in your postings or they do not apply to them, social media makes it easy to share them. Therefore, users can forward your posts to people who may benefit from them.

2. Multiple listing service (MLS)

MLS websites bring all properties available for sale together and allows users to search the database based on parameters of their choosing. As a result, buyers do not need to seek out individual websites of real estate agents or brokers to view listings.

MLS websites are extremely popular and a go-to resource for people in the market to buy a house. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to list properties you have for sale because they will get significant exposure, allowing them to sell quicker and you can earn your commission. You can also use the service if you are looking for houses on a client’s behalf, ensuring they can buy the home of their dreams and you can earn commission for finding it.

3. Website

As mentioned, MLS websites are popular among those looking to buy properties. Therefore, as an agent it may be tempting to think that you do not need an individual website. However, not having one would be a huge mistake.

You need a website because not everyone uses MLS websites. Therefore, when they go online and perform a search for houses or agents in a specific area, you want them to be able to find you. When they do find your website, they are able to learn about you and your expertise, get contact information, and view the listings you have to offer. A professional-looking website will establish your authority in the field and make you the obvious choice.

4. Snail mail

Technological advances such as email and text messages have definitely caused a decline in people using traditional mail services. Nonetheless, it continues in most areas and you can use real newsletters to your advantage.

Most homeowners and businesses check their mail a few times per week with some even doing it daily. Making pamphlets and brochures featuring your experience and contact information will let those looking at buying or selling a property know what you have to offer. Some real estate agents even showcase houses they have recently sold in your immediate area. This can prompt those on the brink to take the plunge and list their home with you. Even if people decide to throw the material you send out away, chances are they will still need to look at them before doing so.

5. Radio ads

The radio is another communication method that has decreased in popularity with the invention of other technology forms. However, like mail services it is still used by people and should be a large part of your marketing strategy.

People who commute to work or have office jobs usually have the radio going constantly. As a result, if you invest in radio ads, chances are they will hear you and look into your services if they need them. It is a proven fact that people remember what they hear on the radio and will seek out people they have heard of. Therefore, a short ad with information about you and how to make contact can go a long way in improving your sales.