5 Services to Expect From Professional Movers

Moving for the first time can be a weird experience. You may not know what to do, or how to handle things, and that can be a terrifying feeling. Even when you hire professionals to help you do what needs to be done, you may still feel that lack of confidence surrounding you. That’s perfectly okay, though! It’s natural to feel a bit out of your depth, but it’s easy to fix that. Here are five things that you can expect from hiring professional movers.

1. They Will Hopefully Arrive on Time

Of course, things like traffic do happen and may hold the movers up a bit, but you can generally expect a good moving service to be on time and reliable. Why does this matter? Because you need to be on time and reliable, as well. Take some time before they arrive and try to prepare as best you can. It would also help if you were actually there when they arrived so you can talk through the overall plan of what will be happening with you personal possessions. It’s a little bit important to do so, after all.

2. Take Inventory

A good way to prepare for their arrival is to do a quick inventory check of all the things being moved, and make notes of the overall condition of the items. Then once they arrive, you will want to go over the list with the movers. Make sure they know exactly what needs to be taken and left behind. Allow them to make their own list and see if you can get a copy of it just in case. It never hurts to be a little extra cautious when it comes to things like this.

3. Home Protection

Next up, a competent mover will go to great lengths to protect your home in various ways. This may include laying down carpet protectors, plywood sheets, and moving blankets to protect your floors from any harm that may occur while they are doing their jobs. Accidents do happen and there may be the occasional damage dealt to the home, but that is simply a danger that comes along with moving furniture. Hopefully they will insure you against any damage that happens under their care.

4. Onto the Truck

The next thing you can expect is to see the movers work their magic when they arrange your furniture onto the moving truck. This is truly a sight to behold, as they will be able to properly arrange everything in such a way that it will be tightly packed into the space from floor to ceiling. They do this to save space and protect the items from jumping around and taking damage during transit. Have no fear, though, as a good moving company will know exactly how to accomplish this task in the safest way possible. All you have to do is prepare for the next step.

5. Heading Home

Before the movers depart for your new home, you will be expected to take the bill for their services and sign some paperwork. Just the standard fare when dealing with any service, really. Before they leave, however, you need to be sure to do a few things. First, you should honestly consider tipping the movers if you are pleased with their work. Second, get the name and number of the driver just in case, as well as provide your contact information to them. Finally, you should confirm the date and time that your belongings will be arriving at your new home. Simply ask the driver to inform you of any schedule changes that may occur en route, and you should be good to go from there on out!