6 Innovative Ways To Reuse And Recycle Packing Peanuts

There are so many different ways to reuse packing peanuts that you will want to order even more things from the store so that you can get even more. You will never be tempted to throw another one away after you learn the many different ways that packing peanuts can be recycled. Here are some creative ideas to help you get started.

1. Use Packing Peanuts for Moving

packing peanuts

After you call Premiere Van Lines to come get your stuff when you move, then make sure that you have plenty of packing peanuts on hand if you are going to pack your own things. You can place them in a box and then lay precious items in the box before filling the rest with packing peanuts making sure that they stay protected. You can also fill glassware and other vessels with packing peanuts to help make sure they do not break while you are moving.

2. Fill Pots with Packing Peanuts

If your container is too big for your plant, then consider filling the bottom of the pot with packing peanuts. This method can be used indoors or out. Dump the peanuts in the bottom of the pot. Then, add your gravel and potting soil before placing your plant in your chosen planter. The great news is that as the plant grows, it is easy to report it in the same pot just by removing some of the packing peanuts.

3. Use For Children’s Crafts

Children's craft

Packing peanuts that can often be obtained from a mover like Premiere van lines are a great recyclable to use in children’s crafts. You and your kids can make animal sculptures out of them. They can easily be glued to a circle of cardboard to make a pretty wreath for the front door. They can easily be transformed into beautiful holiday ornaments. They can make beautiful jewelry that is just right for a princess. You can dip them into water paint, and use them like a sponge. Your children can even draw on them using their favorite markers.

4. Keep Things Protected

When you take your eco-friendly bags shopping with you, then be sure to throw in a few peanuts. That way, you can protect any precious items that you end up buying so that they do not get crushed on the way home. For example, fill the sack partway with peanuts before placing your eggs and bread in it.

5. Flea Market Finds

Fragile- packing peanuts

If you love to go shopping at flea markets or garage sales, then make sure to take some peanuts along. Peanuts are a great solution to keep china and glassware from chipping on the way home. They can also be used to protect figurines and other breakables.

6. Pedicure

Packing peanuts

Treat yourself to a home pedicure and place peanuts between your toes to keep them separated. Better yet, plan a party and let everyone place peanuts between their toes. Then, paint each other toes. You will have a ball and your friends will think that you are extraordinarily clever.

Manufacturers make batteries of packing peanuts every year. Only about seven percent of them get returned to a recycling center and the rest end up in the trash. Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to find ways to reuse packing peanuts.