6 Tips to Prepare Your New Office Space

It’s important to take your time when choosing a new office space. Anytime you’re looking for a new location for your business; you want the workspace to match your objectives and values. Your workspace plays a defining role in the culture of your company, so it’s important to choose carefully. Check out these 6 different things you can do to enhance your new work area.

1. Add As Many Windows As Possible

Anytime you have the opportunity to design a new office space, make sure you include lots of space for windows. Nothing is worse than working in a dingy office, especially on dark winter mornings. Being able to see the sun and the outside scenery makes it much easier to relax and recharge while at work. Performance is directly tied to your team’s environment, having lots of windows and natural light is a simple thing you can do to enhance the work atmosphere.

2. Use Bold Colors

Just as light is important to the work environment, so are the colors that you choose. Working in an office with all white walls isn’t anyone’s idea of an ideal workspace. Use bold colors like blue, green and orange for the walls around your office. Find a color that suits the type of work you do and the type of environment you want to create. Some people say to stay away from red because it’s too intense, but that may be perfect if you’re in a fast-paced, high stakes environment.

3. Make Room For A Workout Area

Having a gym at work is no longer just a novelty. There’s lots of research showing how exercising on a regular basis can enhance creativity and sharpen focus. Your team is much more likely to exercise if there’s a gym on the premises. Regular exercise contributes to prolonged mental stamina which translates into better results for your team.

4. Get A Thorough Inspection Done Before Setting In

Getting a proper plumbing inspection done is well worth your money when moving into a new building. A proper inspection needs to include consulting an electrician, roofing expert and taking advantage of plumbing services. A simple inspection can help you find hidden problems that can drastically change the value of the building. Make sure you get multiple professionals to give the building a clean slate of health before signing off.

5. Consider The Neighborhood

Before making a final decision on your office, consider the neighborhood your building is located in. Part of picking a good location is choosing a place where the property value will increase over the years. It’s a good sign when other new businesses, restaurants , and shops are opening around you.

It’s also important to consider your goals as a company when thinking about location. If you want to be innovative and cutting edge, having your office located in the suburbs probably isn’t the best move. Keep your long-term goals for your company in mind when trying to decide what area to settle down in.

6. Execute The Relocation In Stages

Moving into a new office, installing new equipment and organizing inspections takes a lot of time. Don’t make the error of attempting to do everything at once. WIth any office relocation, it’s important to keep your customer service uninterrupted during the move. Trying to do everything at once can impact your cash flow and how much time you’re able to spend with your clients. Make an extensive plan for your new office and execute the plan in multiple stages.