7 Methods To Position Yourself For A Promotion At Work

Before asking for a promotion, there a few things you need to do to prove you’re ready. Many people make the mistake of feeling upset that they haven’t been promoted despite not taking any steps on their own to build their reputation. In this post, we’ll talk about seven different things you can do to increase your chances of being promoted!

1. Get A Solid Grasp Of Your Responsibilities

One of the best ways to show you’re ready for promotion is by going above and beyond with your current responsibilities. It’s easier to make a case for your promotion when your boss sees you’re doing an excellent job with your regular responsibilities. Once you have a handle on these tasks, you can take the initiative and ask for extra work. However, making sure you’re doing your current job to the best of your ability is your first priority.

2. Take A Bigger Role In Activities Outside Of Work

Getting involved with activities outside of work helps you establish yourself as part of the company. Volunteering your time reflects well and allows people in the company get familiar with you. While these events outside of work may seem tedious, they are a great way to hone your reputation and make new contacts. It’s easier to get promoted if people from different departments actually know who you are.

3. Get Familiar With Everyone In Your Company

Getting familiar with everyone in your company is especially important when working for large businesses. It’s not uncommon for people to have no idea who’s in HR or IT. Getting familiar with these departments puts you ahead of the game. Getting on a friendly basis with the other departments in your company enhances your reputation.

Instead of having lunch with the same people every day, branch out to other departments and try and learn more about what they do for the company. If you’re not sure what to say, just start by introducing yourself and what you do and that you’re interested in learning more about their department.

4. Improve Your Communication Skills

Employees with good communication skills are always going to be in demand. Simple things like giving people advance notice about changes and reducing surprises will help how you’re viewed as an employee. A lot of people choose to be late rather than communicate that they’re having difficulties out of fear of being criticized. Being proactive with your communication goes a long way in helping you stay organized and maintain healthy relationships with your supervisors.

5. Don’t Forget About The Little Things

Doing the simple things like showing up on time go a long to helping you develop a good reputation. Just showing up when you say you will is a great way to build trust with the people you work with. When it comes time for a promotion, managers are going to look at the people around them who are the most reliable and trustworthy. Doing the simple things like following the rules, showing up on time and being a good employee go a long way.

6. Invest In Your Education

Even as a dentist, studying dental hygiene continuing education courses will set you apart from your peers. Investing in your education shows employers that you’re the type of employee to go the extra mile. Having extra education credits on your resume looks impressive when its time to decide who gets promoted.

7. Once You’ve Covered The Basics, Ask

The final way to ensure you’re getting a fair shot at a promotion is to ask. When asking your boss for a promotion, make sure you come ready with tangible reasons why they should promote you. Remember to point out your current commitment and achievements before asking for more responsibility.