8 Best Gift Basket Ideas for Boss

Do you have an awesome employer? Do you have a boss that makes it enjoyable to come to work every day? With the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to show your appreciation! A gift basket is a great choice since it can be customized to any personality type and feature several small items.

Are you looking for some gift ideas for your employer for Christmas, a birthday, or simply to show your appreciation? Check out these eight gift basket ideas for boss:

Idea #1: Charcuterie Gift Baskets

A charcuterie gift basket is a sophisticated gift perfect for a posh person! You’ll want to include an assortment of meats and cheeses for these corporate gift baskets.

Some good choices are dry salami, sausage, and different kinds of cheddar. Crackers are essential, so include a few different varieties. You can include a bottle of wine or a small wooden cutting board to tie everything together!

Idea #2: Coffee Lover’s Gift Baskets

What better choice for a busy employer than the gift of coffee? This gift will help get them through that mid-afternoon lull. Pick a few blends you think they’d enjoy, or find out their favourite blend.

Throw in some coffee shop-type snacks like biscuits and scones. Lastly, gift them a big mug they can keep at their desk when they want to brew a cup. It will be a definite upgrade from the old, plain white mug they’re likely using now!

Idea #3: Snack Gift Baskets

Everybody loves snacks, and your boss is no different! A snack basket is a great gift for your boss since it’ll give them something to snack on throughout the day at work. If you already know what kind of food and flavours they like, it will be easy for you to fill the basket with their favourites.

However, you can still make a great gift basket even if you’re not sure what kind of snacks they like! Choose some items that most people like, such as original flavour Pringles or other chips. Oreos or chocolate chip cookies are another safe choice. You can also include popular candies like Skittles, M&Ms, or Hershey Kisses. Just ensure you know if they have any allergies to avoid certain foods.

Idea #4: Tea Gift Baskets

Maybe your boss isn’t a coffee lover but instead a tea fanatic! If so, you can gift them a tea basket with their favourite blends and some new flavours to try. Many tea stores offer tea sampler kits with various blends to try, which would be perfect to put in this gift basket.

You can include a knickknack like an animal-shaped tea infuser or a small teapot to tie it all together. If you want to go above and beyond, include a nice travel mug that will make it easy to bring a hot cup of tea to the office.

Idea #5: Spa Gift Baskets

If you know your employer is dealing with a lot of stress, this basket can help them relax and unwind! Pick items like candles with soothing scents, bubble baths, and hand lotion.

Essential oils like lavender and chamomile in a small roller ball-style container can be kept at the office to help relieve mid-day stress. You can also include an eye mask for sleeping to encourage them to catch some Zs when they can!

Idea #6: Date Gift Baskets

This is a great choice for your boss and their significant other! This basket can include a bottle of wine, some chocolate snacks, and a gift card to order dinner.

If you think they’d enjoy cooking together rather than ordering in, you can include some pasta and a delicious pasta sauce for them to make. You can also include a cake or brownie mix for dessert! Lastly, you could throw in a voucher for a movie rental at home.

Idea #7: Cozy Gift Baskets

As we move into the colder months, a basket to keep your boss warm will surely be much appreciated, especially if you live somewhere with a lot of snow! This basket could include a nice pair of leather (or faux leather) gloves that make driving with an icy steering wheel much more comfortable.

A toque or pair of earmuffs is another great option that will make their life in the winter a little warmer. Finally, add some delicious hot chocolate mixes for them to try out.

Idea #8: Office Organization Gift Baskets

Do you feel your boss’s office is bland and could use some more pizzazz? Gift them some fun decorations and organization tools! Think of practical items like mouse pads, pencil holders, paperweights and stationery organizers.

You can also choose to give them some décor, such as a playful desk calendar or picture frames for them to keep pictures of their loved ones close by.