8 Key Qualities in Your Physiotherapist Checklist

At some point in most people’s lives, our body gets compromised in some way and aches, pains, and other disorders come to visit. In Ontario, the role of a physical therapist is to help with the movement and function of the human body. Physiotherapists help to restore the body’s functions, promote the ability to move, reduce the pain, and to do whatever possible to prevent disorders and disabilities.

Some reasons you may want to look for a physiotherapist include injury prevention, muscle injuries, health tips, physical training, and periodic control.

To help you choose the most appropriate physiotherapist, here is a list of the most important things to look for when you need physiotherapy.

1. Licensed, Registered, and Experienced

Like in most places, there are physiotherapy clinics in the province that are marketed as experts, but don’t even have a license. The services they offer are not the same as those which would be provided by a licensed, professional physiotherapist. Before starting any kind of treatment, you should look for a licensed therapist.When it comes to physical therapists, choose a clinic that has patients who rely on them and tons of success stories from previous patients.

2. Private Treatment Rooms

Any treatment facility you choose should have private therapy rooms. This will allow you to feel comfortable while performing the exercises, and will give you the privacy to speak openly with the physiotherapist without being overheard or interrupted.

3. Ethical Pricing

Physiotherapy is often the first route of treatment before medications and surgery. This makes physiotherapy tend to be safer and more affordable. Whenever possible, choose a therapy clinic that has personalized pricing plans for each patient.The pricing set out by the clinic should be tailored to your budget and ethical, from your initial assessment to your treatment plan. Always find out how much each visit will cost, or if the whole course of treatment is bundled into one price. Ask about recurrences and how additional visits will affect the price.

4. Variety of Services

A lot of physiotherapists subscribe to naturopathic medicine, which is a practice of medicine that looks to more natural approaches to healing. It is no surprise that a lot of clinics or therapists will also offer services like massage therapy, orthotics, acupuncture, chiropody, and chiropractic.

5. One-on-One Service

There are plenty of physiotherapy clinics that will book several patients into one-time slot with one physiotherapist. This is not, however, standard best-practice in the industry and no clinic should do this. Treatment should start with one therapist and the same therapist should continue to provide the treatment throughout the whole session and every session afterwards, whenever possible.

6. Don’t Choose Based on Convenience

Just because a physiotherapy clinic is close by your work or home doesn’t mean you will get the best care possible. Choose based on which one has the best team for your needs.

7. Do Research

Before you pick your physiotherapist, go online and Google the therapist and/or clinic. Read reviews. Learn as much as you can before you even visit.

8. Ask Your Friends and Family

A quick and easy way to at least get a few names to start with is to ask friends and family if they know any good physiotherapists. A Facebook or Twitter post asking for names is one place to start.