Best Indoor Fireplace Ideas for Offices

The warm, red glow brought to you by the heat of a crackling fireplace while snuggling up beside it might just seem like the height of luxury for some. Whether it’s cold outside and you need a place to regain your bodily heat, or you simply enjoy staring into the hypnotic orange flames, indoor fireplaces allow you to do so from the comfort and security of an enclosed space, especially in an office.

Not only do indoor fireplaces ooze comfort and practicality, but they also act as a stylish focal point in any room they are placed in. When setting them up, there are various factors that you will have to consider. Some of these would be what kind of fireplace you plan on purchasing, where you plan on setting it up, and how you want to decorate it so it can fit into the space seamlessly!

If your brain is lighting up hundreds of ideas and you’re having difficulty narrowing down on them, or even if you can’t think of any, we’ve got you! Continue reading this article to gain inspiration from some of our ideas on how to set up your indoor fireplace to brighten up your space!

Check out these best indoor fireplace ideas for offices:

Wooden fireplaces

Wood fireplaces are the more traditional ones that gain fuel from wood burning. The rustic feel it provides, accompanied by the sparkling flames, will give you warmth and an aesthetic look to the room. For the installation of this kind of fireplace, you would also need to ensure that there is a chimney.

However, the main issue with a wooden fireplace is that it requires frequent cleaning, which may be quite time-consuming. Hence, if you have the time and resources to clean the fireplace and have a reliable wood source, go ahead and consider this toasty option!

Gas fireplaces

Another type of fireplace you could consider is a gas fireplace. Besides being energy efficient and cheaper, they are also rather easy to install indoors! Like the wooden fireplace, a gas fireplace also functions with a chimney, so you need to ensure that you have space for that. It is also far cleaner and, therefore, easier to maintain than a wood-burning fireplace.

Due to it being fuelled by gas and not wood, however, it has constant heat. This is another advantage, as you won’t have to buy wood for the fireplace, and you can save money!

Electric fireplaces

An electric fireplace is an energy-efficient, cost-effective, cleaner, and more practical option than a wood-burning or gas fireplace. As the name suggests, electric fireplaces run on electricity. Via a heating coil, these fireplaces suck in cool air and heat it. Once the coil has made the air hot, the fan installed within it blows it back out.

A great advantage of this kind of fireplace is that it runs by being plugged into a source, so you could buy a portable one and place it within any room of your choice at any time! It does not require a chimney and far less cleaning. The only downside is that since it does not run on wood or gas, it does not produce as much heat. Hence, this might be a more sensible option in warmer climates than cold ones.

Indoor fireplace placements

Now that we’ve covered some different options for fireplaces you could install indoors, let’s take a look at some practical places to place them!

Living room

A common place to insert a fireplace is in the living room, in front of your soft, cozy couches. Snuggling up on the sofa with your loved ones while soaking in the fireplace’s heat seems incredibly inviting.


Similar to the living room, keeping a fireplace in your bedroom allows you to cuddle up by yourself or with someone else. The warmth from the fireplace mixed with the warmth from your blanket creates the optimal atmosphere, making you never want to get out of bed again!

Dining room

Imagine being seated at your dining table with a fresh plate of mouth-watering food set out in front of you and the snug smoulder of the fireplace creating a calming atmosphere. This environment would make anyone feel completely at ease, allowing them to enjoy their meal and the comfortable heat hugging them.

Indoor fireplace decorations

After you’ve set up the fireplace in the prime location, let’s decorate it!

Seasonal decorations

Fireplaces don’t necessarily always have to be used in the winter! Depending on where you live, they can be for a few more months or year-round! Regardless of its use, however, you can still decorate the mantel to fit the season you’re currently in.

For example, decorating it with Christmas tree ornaments, stockings, and other cute trinkets for the winter could help brighten up your room and make it seem fit for the seasons! Placing flowers on the mantel would be fit for spring, red leave decore for autumn, and more bright and yellow colours to suit the vibe of summer!

Artwork and pictures

Never doubt the power of artwork and images to draw attention in a room. Decorate your fireplace mantel with framed images of your loved ones and some of your favourite aesthetic artwork. This will help make the entire room feel homey and warm, regardless of whether the fireplace is on!

As long as you decorate your fireplace the way you want it to fit into your house to make it feel more like a home, you’re good to go!