How to Market Your Brand with Mascots

With the heavy competition in the business world, companies have to go an extra mile to ensure they meet their target. If you are stuck at popularizing a brand or penetrating a market, you probably need to consider using custom mascots. Here are some ways you can use mascot customes to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Develop an online personality for your mascot
With everybody and everything going online, social media and internet presence means a lot to your brand. You can consider creating vlogs for your mascot attending events or engaging in fun activities. Include your mascot in your marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and any other online avenue. You can use the image to form groups where clients can win prizes.

Engage your mascot in an outdoor spectacle
When people are stuck in traffic, boredom crawls in, and any amusing distraction will catch their eye. Your company can take advantage of this and parade a mascot by the roadside. You can consider creating a spectacle out of it by having bodyguards guarding the mascot. You can also create a short play whereby someone can cause trouble then the mascot saves the day. While all these is in play, make sure your brand is getting noticed by including an aspect of your product or service in the parade.

Your mascot can run for a political seat too!
You can pretend that your mascot is vying for an elective position then run a campaign. During the campaign, site potential clientele market and reach out to them. For instance, if you provide nursing services, you can go to a nursing home or in residential estates. You can even give speeches and allow people to give their feedback. Instead of asking for votes, you will be asking for purchases.

Have the mascot join a flash mob
Nothing could market your brand better than having your mascot in a public dance show. If you want this to work, however, you need to get custom mascots that advertise your brands. Remember to record the event so that you can post it on your internet platforms. For more information, visit the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website.

Random appearances
Whether it is during public events or just a random weekend or weekday, random appearances by your company’s mascot will go a long way in advertising your brand. Your mascot can hide in a street corner and emerge with surprise gifts for the passersby. Although the giveaways are random, you need to ensure they are within your target market. For instance, if you are selling kids’ product, make sure children win most prizes and not adults.

Marketing your brand is critical to ensuring the growth of your brand. There are a lot of ways you can use custom mascots to make your brand visible. You only need creativity and a spike of humor.