How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room Properly

Regarding home living, there are various aspects to experiment with. From choosing the right colours to organizing your furniture, your creative expression can be expressed. That sentiment is especially true for the latter since the furniture will play a large role. What may not necessarily be large is the size of the actual living room.

Some of us have smaller than average living rooms, which requires a new focus for the organization. In this regard, the furniture in this room must match the dimensions. While this can be difficult, it does not have to be overly challenging.

Sometimes, the furniture you already have may not play the right role within the context of this space. For example, you may have a large bookshelf that occupies a lot of space inside the living room. As a result, make sure to measure your dimensions.

The length, width and height of your living room should be considered initially. This will provide the right numbers when it comes to shuffling furniture around. Then, you can either move your current pieces around or make way for new ones. It can be seen as the most time-consuming part, but it remains important nonetheless.

Let’s learn how to arrange furniture in your small living room properly:

Furniture Themes

There are specific interior design themes that can complement your furniture. It all depends on how you plan on using them to accentuate the pieces present in the space. Many homeowners with small living rooms choose cozy-esque themes to make their space ideal.

When this space is limited to real estate, it is imperative to make it appear snug. Therefore, the right colours and wallpaper choices will all matter in the grand scheme. You can even match your furniture based on the theme you are vying for. Once everything is put together, all space inside will be maximized!


Even though it isn’t normally considered a furniture piece, mirrors can be a great addition to your room. The placement of your mirrors will matter greatly since they can make your living room appear larger. Grab a couple of standing mirrors, and decide where to position them.

Most homeowners place these items in a designated corner of their small living room. The result of this allows more space to be simulated. Plus, the less furniture you have in your room, the bigger the impact they will have. A minimalist style, coupled with mirror placement, will look ideal!

Symmetrical Placement

To expand on this previous point, how your furniture is organized will also matter. For instance, if you are working with limited real estate, there needs to be an organized arrangement. Your furniture, therefore, should not be designed in unorthodox ways. Keep things symmetrical, and you will be good to go.

Alignment should be your guiding principle when it comes to maximizing the use of the space inside. In addition, make sure there is enough space between all of your furniture pieces. That way, guests will not have a hard time moving between them. Since you already have a small real estate, movement is supposed to be free-flowing and simple.

The Walls

Another important aspect of any living room has to do with your walls. Usually, these areas are not utilized as much as they can be. So, you may want to use them in conjunction with the furniture inside the space. Don’t just think this has to do with framed photos either. To optimize the room, you can install floating shelves in and around the area.

Makeshift Office

Since many of us may be working from home, a home office will be key. The downside of having a small living room is not knowing where to place the office. Why not use the back of your sofa to install office accessories? Your desk can be placed next to the sofa and used as a foundation for more accessories afterwards.


Your small living room can always be customized to your liking. Since many themes are not made to be universal for the long term, always make time to experiment. Down the line, your tastes will change, from the colours chosen to the type of furniture you prefer. It is an empty canvas, no matter how much space you have present in the room itself!