How To Find A Good Dog Breeder

When you decide to buy a new puppy, you must ask yourself whether you are ready to give love and attention to the new addition for the next 10 to 20 years. Caring for a new puppy requires dedication and an understanding of the responsibilities that go along with it. Dogs are loyal pets and easily become part of the family. Be sure you know how to feed and care for the breed of dog you choose.

How To Choose A Good Dog Breeder

Did you know that you can find a purebred dog at your local animal shelter? Many people aren’t aware of this fact and expect only mixed breeds. Start at your local animal shelter to discover if the breed you have chosen is as close as your local shelter. Most animal services have online photos and information about pet adoptions. You can easily keep track of pets as they are added into the online system.

To choose a breeder in your area, consider a few guidelines. Most quality dog breeders will not sell their dogs to just anyone. A reputable breeder will have firm guidelines established for selling their dogs. If you come across a breeder that appears to sell to just anyone, then beware of that breeder. You must be on alert for breeders that may have dogs with health problems or diseases that may not be detected right away.

How To Avoid Pitfalls

A responsible breeder’s goal is to breed healthy, happy dogs. They should be willing to show you the areas where they care for and breed their dogs. The area should be clean and well-maintained. Take notice of the condition of the dogs that are living there. Do they seem healthy and happy? Make sure the breeder has supplied ample room for the dogs to exercise. If they are contained in crowded quarters, then you should beware. Do they provide play areas with toys for their dogs? This is a sign of a good breeder. The breeder should provide you with detailed veterinary visits for all puppies and dogs.

Another sign of a good breeder is whether they offer assistance with training or other types of assistance. This shows a genuine concern from the breeder. They should also be willing to provide multiple references from others who have purchased their dogs. A breeder who specializes in the particular breed that you want should be a member of several organizations devoted to the breed. They should also be knowledgeable about the feeding and growing requirements for the breed.

Spend enough time with the breeder to get a feel about their knowledge base. They should also encourage you to spend time playing and getting to know the puppies and dogs in their care. The breeder should introduce you to the parents and encourage you to spend some time with them. Bringing a new puppy into a home is a lot like having a newborn baby. They will often cry at night and keep you awake. This will subside as the new puppy gets used to your home.