Training Dogs: Why Is The Clicker Training Method Is So Effective?

While dogs have always been man’s best friend, it does require training to ensure that your dog maintains that status. The importance of dog training cannot be overstated. There are certain social and dog etiquette rules that should be followed, which only dog training can provide. Your dog will learn the basic commands that he needs to master. Without them, the dog’s master could face disaster.

The Trick is to Click

One of the more successful methods of dog training is the Clicker Dog Training method. This method uses proven behavioral science to communicate effectively and interact easily with your dog.

With the continuing research done by the pet staff experts at, they have achieved a higher level of understanding how animals learn and think. The Clicker method is a gentle, effective application of our new knowledge in everyday real life situations. It’s a reward based method that utilizes interactive human and dog cooperation with consistent, repetitious training and positive reinforcement. It combines the best of animal psychology with humane treatment. The process is not only an educational one for you and your pet, it’s also a lot of fun.

The clicker training method for dogs was actually adopted from the 60s method of training dolphins. It involves a small device that makes clicking sounds when pressed.

On their own, dogs will learn what to do and what is acceptable around humans by the reactions they get for their behavior. It is the same process animals in the wild use to react to and within their pack. The clicker method teaches animals how to develop and increase their innate skills while discovering new ways to explore their world.

It’s important to remember that dogs already know how to do what you want them to do. What we are actually doing is teaching them to know what and when we want them to do it while making it worth their while.

Here is the gist of clicker training in a step-by-step account:

• Make the desired behavior happen or be aware of it when it does.

• Make the clicking sound when it does happen.

• Using praise and treats, reward and reinforce the behavior.

• Practice and encourage the behavior everywhere possible while challenging the dog with increased distance, duration or distractions.

• Add a verbal cue to the behavioral training pattern like “sit” or “down” or whatever is appropriate to the behavior. Use easy to understand, one-word commands.

• Over time, gradually eliminate the treats and the clicker. At that point, your pet will have mastered the art of that particular behavior.

The Advantages of Clicker Training

• It’s a positive, non-violent, gentle motivational method utilizing love and compassion.

• It’s a superb method for training young puppies.

• It helps build a strong bond, based on cooperation and respect.

• By focusing on what’s right instead of what’s wrong, it gives your pet confidence.

• It’s a stress free method for your pet and gives them a positive attitude about learning.

• It helps develop the dog’s creative energies and reinforces their intelligence and thinking process.

• This method is as effective for large dogs as it is for small ones.

• It works!

Used with love and rewards, this method is one of the most successful, effective training methods known. Give you dog the respect they deserve and you’ll get it in return.