Why Does My Vape Pen Get Clogged?

In the world of vaping, there are numerous benefits to experience. In comparison to traditional forms of smoking, you may find that there are only a select amount of ways to engage with it. You have your conventional cigarette, which will be lit up to be smoked. With vaping, the utility of smoking goes beyond that.

For those who want a bit of flavour to their vaping, you have many different options. For example, you may want to try using a vape pen. A vape pen is a small, electronic-based device powered by a few components. The vape pen comprises a cartridge, a battery, a coil, the body, and the mouthpiece. The battery is what makes the device come alive.

Once the entire device has been set up, the battery allows the vape juice in the cartridge to heat up. Then, once the liquid turns into vapour, you insert the mouthpiece into your mouth. At this point, you can then inhale and exhale at your leisure. While it may seem simple in its premise, some things can go awry. This device can get clogged from time to time.

Let’s explore why your vape pen may get clogged:

Vape Pen Cartridge

As mentioned previously, a couple of components create the structure of a vape. One of them has to do with the cartridge, which is inserted into your preferred vape pen. Inside the cartridge is the vape above juice. The cartridge itself is designed systematically.

Whether glass or plastic, your cartridge can house your chosen e-liquid inside. Cartridges can contain several different types of e-liquid, such as flavoured vape juices. Or they can also be refilled once you have used the substances inside. However, the design issue can lead to some problems down the line.

Vape Pen Jamming Issues

In terms of why your cartridge may become clogged, it may have to do with the substances inside. Vape juices comprise a thick liquid due to the hemp extract inside. Hemp extract comprises a thick oil most of the time and can do more harm than good superficially.

If left on its own for a long time, the actual oil may thicken and solidify without your knowledge. Once you try to activate your vape pen, you will find that it is not working as fast as it once did. Or, the vape pen may not work in general, no matter how much time you use to heat it.

Vape Pen Airflow Challenges

An extension of the previous point has to do with the type of climate you are currently in. In colder and warmer climates, the temperature can affect the status of your vape pen. In colder temperatures, the hemp extract will thicken the substance. Then, you will find it tricky to vaporize when the vape pen is turned on.

On the other hand, warmer climates can also hamper your ability to use the vape pen effectively. If you leave the vape pen’s cartridge alone in a hotter climate for a long time, the oil will thin out. Thus, the airflow inside of the device can become problematic, preventing you from gaining a good hit.

Vape Pen Preheating

After discovering the sources of your vape pen’s issues, it is time to apply some solutions. The most obvious answer is to preheat your vape pen before using it. The heat from the battery to the atomizer and then finally to the body should work.

As always, you want to do this for more than a few minutes before you engage in the activity. Vape pens should always be preheated to some degree, especially if you are in a specific climate. That way, you mitigate the chances of clogging becoming a prevalent problem.

Replacing the Vape Pen

Your cartridge used may be working again after thawing out the contents inside. However, it will still not work if the actual vape pen is out of order. Should this happen to you, you should try to get it replaced.

It would be best to take it to the shop where you purchased the device. Here, you can ask a customer service representative about the status of the clogging issue you are facing. Should the pen be the issue, simply opt for another one in its place!